Story Times

We offer stories for Pre-K through 3rd grade. Students can listen to a story, engage in hands-on activities, role play, and participate in guided looking with museum objects and collections.

Duration: 45 minutes

Program Options:

Book cover for Lisa's Airplane Trip

Take a Little Airplane Trip
Grades: Pre-K and K (ages 2-5)
Pack your suitcase, get your boarding pass, and take a pretend trip on an airplane with Lisa's Airplane Trip by Anne Gutman. Dress up and role play as a ticket agent, baggage handler, flight attendant, or pilot in our America by Air gallery.
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Book cover for Astronaut Handbook

Astronaut School
Grades: Pre-K and K (ages 2-5)
What does it take to prepare for space travel? Join our astronaut school and find out if you have the right stuff to become an astronaut. We will read Astronaut Handbook by Megan McCarthy and then visit the Space Race gallery to see real astronaut suits, astronaut food, and other items needed for living and working in space.
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Book cover for Hare and Tortoise Race to the Moon

Rocket Race
Grades: Pre-K and K (ages 2-5)
Join our junior rocket engineering team and explore rocket design. After reading Hare and Tortoise Race to the Moon by Oliver J. Corwin, we will look at the design of different space vehicles in the Museum. What shapes can you see when you look at a rocket? Students will use their new understanding to design a spaceship using pre-cut paper shapes.
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Book cover for Hot Air Henry

Up, Up and Away!
Grades: 1-3 (ages 6-8)
Heat rises, and so do hot-air balloons. After reading the story Hot-Air Henry by Mary Calhoun, students will learn about the balloons in the Museum's collection. A demonstration of how hot air can make a Mylar or tissue balloon rise completes the program.
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Book cover for Mooncake

The Moon Rocks!
Grades: 1-3 (ages 6-8)

Imagine taking a trip to the Moon! Ride along in Moonbear's rocket and taste the Moon when we read Mooncake by Frank Asch. Learn about the real Apollo astronauts who visited the Moon. See real Moon rocks and the tools the astronauts used to collect them. Then take a pretend trip to the Moon to collect and sort "Moon rock" samples.
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Book cover of Dogs in Space

The Great Solar System Tour
Grades: K-2 (Ages 5-7)
Grab your jet pack and join us on a tour of the solar system. We will read Dogs in Space by Nancy Coffelt, and learn about the different objects that orbit our Sun. After the story, students will find out more about the solar system by singing songs, playing interactive games and creating models or images of planets, asteroids, and other objects in the solar system.
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Book cover of The Story of the Wright Brothers

Wright Flyer
Grades: Pre-K - 1 (3-6)
What provides the power that helps airplanes fly? Students will explore engines and propellers in the National Air and Space Museum, starting at the Wright Flyer and progressing to aircraft in the Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight Gallery. We will read The Story of the Wright Brothers by Michelle Prater Burke to discover how Orville and Wilbur Wright were inspired to invent the first airplane. Afterwards, students will learn the parts of an airplane, draw a picture of an aircraft, and search for propellers and engines in the rest of the Museum.
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Book cover of Sadie the Air Mail Pilot

Whether the Weather
Grades: preschool - 1 (ages 2-6)
Weather plays an important role in a pilot’s decision making. After reading Sadie the Air Mail Pilot by Kellie Strom, students will review whether Sadie made good choices with regard to the weather in the story. Afterwards, students will learn which types of clouds are “friendly” and “unfriendly” to pilots and create their own cloud charts to take back to school.
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Book cover for Mommy's Little Star

How High is the Sky?
Grades: preschool and K (ages 2-5)
What can we see in the sky? How high up does the sky go? These questions are introduced in Mommy’s Little Star by Janet Bingham. After the story, students will learn about the objects that we can see when we observe the sky with our eyes and through telescopes. Students will make pretend telescopes and begin their adventures in observing.
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