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First picture taken from the surface of Mars. [117k GIF]--Viking Lander 1 took this image on July 20, 1976. The Viking footpad is on the right side of the image. The vertical lines on the left are caused by dust settling out of the atmosphere from disturbance by the retro-engines.
NASA press release image #76-H-556
Original NASA press release, July 20, 1976
First sample taken of Martian soil. [214k GIF]--A trench in the Martian surface shows the location of the first sample analyzed for signs of life. Later samples were taken from beneath the thin crust of the surface and from beneath rocks.
NASA press release image #76-H-580
Original NASA press release, July 28, 1976
Viking Lander 1--Trenching Samples. [169k GIF]--Marks left by the Viking Lander from sampling of Martian soil can be seen at the lower right. The large arm in the center of the picture is not the trenching arm; it is a meteorology boom for atmospheric experiments.
NASA press release image #77-HC-62
Original NASA press release, March 4, 1977.
Viking Lander 1--Panorama of the Viking 1 Landing Site. [132k GIF] or [65k JPEG]--Panoramic view of the surface of Mars from the Viking 1 Lander. This image is a mosaic constructed from individual Viking images.
Viking Lander 1--Chryse Planitia. [91k JPEG]--This Viking 1 image shows a rocky field with trenches made by the sampler arm visible in the foreground. The Viking Lander 1 footpad is visible in the lower right corner.
High resolution panorama created by Mary A. Dale-Bannister, Washington University in St. Louis.
Viking Lander 1 Scene. [211k GIF]--This scene is looking northeast from Viking 1. The large boulder in the center is about 3 meters (10 feet) wide and 1 meter (3 feet) high. Winds have turned the sky red with Martian dust.
Viking Lander 2--Frost at the Viking 2 Landing Site. [254k GIF] or [127k JPEG] --The images used to create this panorama of the Viking 2 landing site area were taken during Mars' northern winter. Frost has formed on the surface.
Viking Lander high resolution color images, Washington University, St. Louis

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