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Legacy Society

National Air and Space Museum Legacy Society

The National Air and Space Museum Legacy Society recognizes individuals who share the Museum’s commitment to preserving the history of aviation and spaceflight for the next generation by supporting the Museum through their estate plans or life income gifts.

Anonymous (16)
Stephen T. Alexieff
Claudia R. Allen and Willis M. Allen, Jr.
Bob and Dori Arrington
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Baecht
Kimberly Caitlin Barden
LeRoy T. Baseman
Florence Baston
Susan and Thomas Baxter
Robert and Dawn Birmingham
Colonel Charles Botula III, USAF (Ret.) and Mrs. Susan K. Botula
Jere and Bonnie Broh-Kahn
Colonel Arthur L. Brooke (Ret)
Agnes M. Brown
Bradley and Heidi Butcher
Bruce A. and Karen L. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Otis Carroll
Kathleen A. and William J. Cavanaugh
Earl F. Clayton
Phillip and Betty Crum
Robert and Odessa Dann
James and Dorothy Davis
Nora Hsu and Barry C. Davis
Jeff DeTroye and Mary Ann Gorman
David and Kunie DeVorkin
Kenneth G. and Sherry L. Dietz
Deborah Douglas
Alan and Elizabeth Duckett
Valerie Ann Emerson
Ken Ferrara
Al and Marion Friedlander
Barry D. Friedman
The Funger Foundation, Morton and Norma Lee Funger
Ken and Madge Gazzola
Mr. and Mrs. William Gjodesen
Robert Goldman
Kenneth C. and Mary M. Gossett
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Milton R. Gunther, USAF (Ret.)
Richard W. Hardman
Roger D. and Martha E.V. Hathaway
Bob Hickey
Jeff Hill
Mr. Chris Hushak
Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Hyatt
Dr. Peter L. Jakab
Dennis R. Jenkins
Lou Josephs and Susan Koonin

Stephen and Linda Kamen
John and Mary Lu Koenig
Richard Kolesar
Gilbert H. Lang, MD
M/SGT. Lionel L. Leblanc
Shirley Loo
Frank J. Lukowski
Commander and Mrs. Charles Maluzzi
Ronald W. McCain
Robert and Cynthia McCallum
Hans and Mary Miesler, retired United Airline Captain
Zoltan Mike
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mikuletzky
Sandra L. Miller
Charles L. Modde
Mr. Roger K. Myers
John and Susann Norton
Homer C. Ogles
Wesley Patterson and Linda Pritchard Patterson
Laura H. Peebles and Ellen Fingerman
Bob and Janice Pound
Larry D. Reser and Kathleen L. Toyoda
Jon and Emilee Reynolds
Mrs. Robert A. Rice
Norm Richards
Justin and Lauren Richeson
Stuart W. Rosenbaum
Ralph and Dorothea H. Rushworth
Richard T. Russell, Jr.
Edward H. Sachtleben
Robert L. and Mary T. Schneider
Dr. Gerry and Marietta Shigekawa
Glenn Alan Smith
Denny G. Snyder
Guenther and Siewchin Yong Sommer
Dr. Alex M. Spencer
Paul and Janet Stahlhuth
Kevin B. Stone
Robert and Gail Strong
Joseph and Elizabeth Suarez
John and Janet Swanson
Jim and Sharon Todd
David and Linda Tozer
Dr. Jack W. Trigg, Jr.
Patty Wagstaff
Phillip S. Woodruff
Deby and Robert Wulff
John and Sherry Ziegler