What is the transformation?

Over the course of several years, we will radically transform our National Mall building, all 23 galleries and presentation spaces, and the way we engage the world in humankind's greatest story: flight.

Why is this happening now?

The National Mall building needs our attention. Since opening in 1976, the flagship location has welcomed more than 350 million people—that’s more than the population of the United States—which makes for some serious wear and tear, inside and out.

What parts of the Museum will be affected?

There will be significant renovation of the building's exterior and the underlying infrastructure, and all 23 galleries – some of which are original to the building – will be transformed.

Why is it changing? It’s already a great museum.

We agree! And so do the millions of visitors who make the Museum one of the most popular in the world. The heart of the Museum will always be our unrivaled collection of aircraft and spacecraft, one-third of which are one of a kind or represent a major milestone. The reimagined Museum will still feature the artifacts you know and love, but our exhibitions need to be updated and modernized to help us inspire 21st century audiences.

What will happen to my favorite exhibits and artifacts?

By the time the transformation is complete, every artifact will have undergone conservation efforts. Iconic objects will return alongside many artifacts that have never been displayed. The new exhibit spaces will give visitors new ways to engage with history and trace its impact today and tomorrow.

When is this happening?

Work is already underway. The mutli-year project kicked off in December 2018, and will take place in two major phases.

How can I get involved?

Every gift to the Museum brings us one step closer to our $250 million fundraising goal. Donate, become a member, or place your name on the Wall of Honor to be recognized among others who share a commitment to preserving aerospace history to educate and inspire the next generation.

Donate, become a member, or place your name on the Wall of Honor

How can I keep track of progress?

We will be sharing stories, behind-the-scenes videos, and photos throughout the project. Follow us on social media, or get the latest news and schedules straight to your inbox by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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