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Jean Grosdidier de Matons (d. 2017) joined Force Maritime de l'Aéronautique Navale (French Naval Aviation) in August 1944 as an officer candidate and completed training with the Royal Air Force in Great Britain. Grosdidier de Matons served as a navigation officer in French West Africa before volunteering for service in French Indochina from 1948-1951. Grosdidier de Matons then served as a submarine officer with the French Mediterranean Fleet until 1953. Grosdidier de Matons served as a harbor officer and later harbor master at various ports in Africa until 1968 when he went for training at the Planning Center for Economic and Technical Cooperation in Paris, France which lead to an assignment at the World Bank where he eventually was named Division Chief for Transports in Europe-Middle East and North Africa. After retiring from the World Bank in 1987, Grosdidier de Matons founded his own international consulting company. Grosdidier de Matons was also a Doctor of Law and the author of numerous works on legal and business matters.