Albert F. Hegenberger Collection

Albert Francis Hegenberger (1895-1983) graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as an aeronautical engineer and served as a flight instructor during World War I. In 1927, Hegenberger and Lester Maitland became the first persons to fly from California to Hawaii, in the Fokker C-2 , Military, "Bird of Paradise." For this achievement they received the MacKay Trophy and the Distinguished Flying Cross from President Coolidge. Hegenberger went on to develop a blind landing system, and in 1932 he made the world's first solo instrument-only flight at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. His system was adopted for both military and civilian use and earned him a second Distinguished Flying Cross and the Collier Trophy in 1934. Hegenberger rose to the rank of major general in the United States Army.