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The Boeing Airplane Company was established in 1916 in Seattle, WA. For a short period (1928-34) Boeing was a subsidiary of the United Aircraft and Transport Company (now United Technologies Corporation) but left, with Stearman Aircraft and Boeing Aircraft of Canada, to form a new company under the Boeing name. In 1961 Boeing reorganized and changed its name to The Boeing Company to reflect the broader interests of the company, which contained commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and general aircraft production facilities, as well as rotorcraft and aerospace production components. In 1952 Boeing decided to begin work on a large jet transport, initially designated the Model 367-80, to convince competitors that the project was a reengined C-97 (Model 367) reciprocating engine transport. The "Dash 80" rolled out on 15 May 1954 and first flew 15 July 1954. The first production aircraft, designated Model 707, was delivered to Pan American Airlines in August 1958, followed by others for civil and military (as C-135) use. The 720, a derivative of the 707, followed, as did the 727 short/medium range aircraft (design work from June 1959), 737 short range aircraft (announced February 1965), 747 wide-body long-range aircraft (announced April 1966), 757 advanced short-medium range aircraft (announced early 1978), 767 advanced wide-body medium range aircraft (announced early 1978). Boeing also participated in the abortive United States Supersonic Transport (SST) program of 1963-71.



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While processing this collection, various publications that were listed on the transfer list prepared by the NASM Aeronautics Department were not found. This was brought to the attention of the accessioning archivist and noted in the accession file. These items are listed at the end of this finding aid. The researcher may contact the Boeing Aircraft Company regarding these documents. The Following Material Is Missing From The Collection: Series 2: DOCUMENTATION RELATING TO SPECIFIC MODELS OF BOEING COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT Title -707 Brochure -707-320C, Facts And Figures -707 Commercial Modification And Maintenance Capabilities -707-320C, Transport/Tanker -707-320C Systems -707-320C, Passenger/Cargo Convertibility -707-500, Boeing Advanced 707 General Description -727-200 General Description, April 1966 -727-200 System Checkout, February 1968 -727-100/727-300 "Commonness," June 1968 -Advanced 727-200C & QC, May 1972 -Advanced 727-200 Program Status, July 1976 -727-200 "Performance: Quiet Nacelle Development" -727-200 General Description -"In Service Now! The Boeing 720" (Oversize) -"A Moneymaker... The Boeing 720B" -727-200 "Performance: Quiet Nacelle Development" -Advanced 727-200 Systems -The Boeing Advanced 727-200 For Aloha Airlines -The Boeing 727: Providing The Widest Marketing Window, To Reach The Growing Neighborhoods Of The World (Oversize) -The Boeing 727 Jetliner (Oversize) -The Final 727 Rollout Ceremony, August 14, 1984 -727-200 -727 Lower Weather Minimums Program -Advanced Boeing 737 General Description, March 1970 -737, September 1981 -737-300 Status Report, September 1981 -Advanced 737-200 Convertible Airplane, September 1982 -Advanced 737-200 Status Report, January 1983 -The Operational Benefits Of The 737-300 Flight Management System, April 1984 -Advanced 737-200 Convertible Airplane, April 198 -737-200 -The Boeing 737-200 -737-200 Brochure -737-200 Brochure (Japanese) -737-200 technical Characteristics -The Boeing 737-200 In Military Service (book) -The Boeing 737-200 In Military Service (binder) -747/747SP Airframe Maintenance Costs, January 1976 -"Passengers Prefer The 747 Over Competing Widebody Airplanes," March 1976 -747SP: Certified And In Service, May 1976 -747 Cargo Capabilities, September 1976 -The 747 Combi: The Profitmaker Plus, December 1976 -747SP: 747SP Combi, March 1977 -747SR Japan Air Lines' 747SR Experience, January 1978 -747...Economic Perspectives For Airline Evaluations, April 1979 -747: An Option For The '80s, Brochure, September 1980 -747-300 Brochure, September 1980 -747 Freighter Near-Term Airlift Program Executive Summary, June 1982 -747 Cargo Fleet: Ten Years Of Service, March 1982, -The Boeing 747-300 Combi: Two Profitable Payloads In One, November 1982 -747 Freighter, March 1985 -747-300 Technical Characteristics, Pamphlet, May 1985 -747-400, May 1985 -Boeing 747 Cargo Characteristics -747 Pamphlet -747 Brochure -747F Facts & Figures -747 General Description -Boeing 747SP: The Airplane And The Program -The Boeing 747SP: Report At Rollout -747SP: The Special Performer -Welcome Aboard The Boeing 747 -747 Main Deck Baggage -747-300, Revenue Room -An Alternate Plan Using Existing Airlift From Available Airline Airplanes -757 Flight Deck, August 1982 -757 Demonstration Tour, Southeast Asia, 1982 -757/767 Flight Deck Design, Development, And Philosophy, March 1983 -Boeing 757-200 System, August 1983 -757-200 Technical Characteristics, August 1984 -757-200: The World's Most Fuel Efficient Airplane -757 Color Reproduction, Boeing Livery -767 Program Review, March 1982 -Boeing 767, Brochure, December 1982 -Boeing 767 Promotional Packet, December 1982 -The Wide-Body 767: A Multi-Market Success, July 1984 -Boeing 767 Cargo System: A Supplemental Guide With Responses To Competitive Cargo Issues -Introducing The 767-300 -767 Promotional Brochure -Boeing SST Boxed Promotional Set -Boeing Multi Purpose Heavy-Lift Helicopter Brochure -Boeing 234 Chinook Brochure -Boeing 234 Commercial Chinook -Boeing 234 Commercial Chinook Sales Packet Series 3: PUBLICATIONS Subseries 2: PUBLICATIONS ABOUT BOEING AIRCRAFT Title -A New Interior For The 727-737-707 Airplanes, April 1972 -Superjet Look Interior For The 707, 727 & 737, August 1972 -"The Boeing Long-Range ASW/Surveillance System," November 1972 -"Superjet Look" Interior For 707, 727 & 737, 1972 -Questions And Answers About Boeing Business Jets --July 1977 -Boeing Jets For Military Mission, August 1978 -Jet Transport Characteristics --Metric, June 1979 -List Of Active Airplanes (Commercial And Business), January 1980 -Jet Transport Characteristics, May 1980 -Jet Transport Characteristics, January 1982 -Jet Transport Characteristics, February 1984 -Jet Transport Characteristics, Metric, February 1984 -767 Family Technical Characteristics, May 1985 -Metric Jet Transport Characteristics --May 1985 -"The Airplanes Of Tomorrow Are Here Today" -"Why A Tanker?" -Advanced Business Jet -The Boeing Business Jet Subseries 4: PUBLICATIONS ABOUT BOEING AIR CARGO Title -Air/Sea Link For Freight Transport, September 1978 -Airborne/Intermodal Pallets And Containers, March 1979 -"Cargo Airplanes/Cargo Facts," April 1979 -Airborne/Intermodal Pallets And Containers, October 1979 -Cargo Airplanes/ Cargo Facts, A Quick Reference Guide, December 1979 Series 4: BOEING MARKETING RESEARCH STRATEGIES Title -The Travel Market Of The 80s: How Will We Respond? June 6, 1979 -Affordability And Internationalism: The Environment For High Technology's Future, March 8, 1983


Boeing Company




The Boeing Company, gift, 1985, 1986-0013


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This collection consists of documentation for Boeing's postwar commercial aircraft programs.


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The collection is arranged into the following six series: Series 1: Annual Reports, from 1952 to 1982 Series 2: Documentation Relating To Specific Models Of Boeing Commercial Aircraft, from the 707 to 767, the SST and the helicopter Series 3: Publications Series 4: Boeing Marketing Research Strategies Series 5: Presentations by John E. Steiner, Vice President, Boeing Airplane Company Series 6: Miscellaneous Material

Scope and Contents

The material in this collection consists of marketing brochures, booklets, and pamphlets comprising promotional and engineering presentations for all Boeing commercial jet aircraft from the 707 to the 767, as well as the Boeing SST proposal, and several projects from Boeing's Vertol helicopter division. The collection also includes general market research studies and lectures by Boeing Vice President John E. Steiner.





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Boeing Commercial Aircraft Marketing Documentation, Acc. 1986-0013, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.

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