Carl Pascaloff (Lunar Rover Vehicle) Papers

After graduating from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1940, Carl Pascaloff entered the Navy. Following World War II, Pascaloff accepted a position with North American Aviation as an Aircraft Structural Analyst. In 1951, he became Contract Structures Engineer for Beech Aircraft. Two years later he became Structures Engineer for Northrop Aircraft. While working for Northrop, Pascaloff received his Masters Degree (also in Mechanical Engineering) in 1960. Soon after, he accepted a position with Delco Electronics; the company he would stay with until his retirement 29 years later. He was one of the main design engineers with the Lunar Rover Vehicle program, as his work focused primarily on the design of the wheels of the Lunar Rover vehicle. In addition, Pascaloff designed the pressure hull for GM's deep-diving research submarine, which was used by the Navy for research studies. Following the premature death of his wife in 1965, Pascaloff became a single parent of four while still continuing to contribute greatly with his designs of various vehicles.