Cecil P. Northrop Airline Wartime Training Institute (AWTI) Collection

Cecil P. Northrop (1901-1949) attended the State University Of New York Maritime College, graduating as a Merchant Marine Officer. After leaving the Merchant Marines, he spent a few years as a newspaper publisher and journalist before taking up flying. Northrop worked for Fairchild as a test pilot and then joined Pennsylvania Central Airlines as a pilot. He was also a pilot training supervisor for the Airline Wartime Training Institute (AWTI) during World War II. The AWTI was an unincorporated association of nineteen American airlines that was formed in August 1942 to meet the need for air transport personnel to support the war effort. In October 1943, AWTI was formally disbanded, having met the needs of Air Transport Command through the training of approximately 12,000 flight crew and 35,000 ground personnel. Northrop retired from the airlines in 1942 due to heart problems.