Charles Stuart Sheldon II Papers

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Dr. Charles Stuart Sheldon II (1917-1981) was an economist, author, and advisor to Congress and the President on aerospace matters. Sheldon graduated from the University of Washington (BA, 1936; MA, 1938) and Harvard University (AM, 1939; Ph.D., 1942) and worked in several transportation and economics-related positions before World War II. During and after the war he served in the United States Navy (1943-1952) before transferring to the Naval Reserve. He spent several several years on the staff of the University of Washington Departments of Transportation (1940-48), including three years as Director (1946-48), and Economics (1949-55), before joining the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress (CRS) as Senior Specialist, Transportation and Communications (1955-58). At the same time he served as director of several congressional committees relating to astronautics. He joined the professional staff of the National Aeronautics and Space Council (1961-66), which advised the President on aerospace matters, before returning to CRS (1966-81).