Colonel Theodore C. Macauley Avaition Training Schools Collection

Theodore C. Macaulay (1887-1965) was a aviation instructor, test pilot and military aviator. He joined the Curtiss Company in 1912 and he attended flight instruction at the Curtiss School in San Diego, California in 1913. In May of 1913, Macaulay obtained his F.A.I. pilot license and continued his association with the Curtiss Company by holding a variety of instructor positions at Curtiss Company schools, as well as test pilot positions for the Curtiss Company. In 1916, Macaulay left the Curtiss Company to accept a position as one of the first civilian instructors at the newly established US Signal Corps Aviation School in Chicago, IL. During the Spring of 1917 Macaulay was transferred to Rockwell Field, San Diego, California were he was commissioned as a First Lieutenant in the Signal Corps, and rapidly advanced to the rank of Major. He remained in the Air Service following World War I and during World War II he was made a Colonel and assisted in the preparation of Air Service requirements.