Dwight. S. "Barney" Zimmerley Collection

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Dwight S. "Barney" Zimmerley (1898?-1994) achieved success in a wide assortment of endeavors during his pioneering aviation career. Zimmerley was taught to fly by Tony Jannus in 1914, and served in the 24th Aero Squadron at Kelly Field, Texas, during World War I. After the war, Zimmerley began barnstorming, and then became a test pilot for the Nicholas-Beazley Co., and in the Nicholas-Beazley Barling NB-3 he set an altitude and a distance record for the light plane class in 1929. Zimmerley flew as a commercial airline pilot for Braniff Airways, Inc., and later became a charter pilot. He flew everything from Stearmans to Douglas DC-7s and was a member of the Quiet Birdman and the OX-5 Club of America.