Edo Aircraft Corporation Collection

The Edo Aircraft Company, later renamed the EDO Corporation, was founded in 1925. The company's first project was an all-metal flying boat, called the 'Malolo.' Because of the limited market for flying boats in 1926, the company switched its endeavors to the design and construction of all-metal seaplane floats. Development of the EDO all-metal float did much to stimulate the use of seaplanes. Over 300 different types of aircraft, from many countries, were equipped with EDO floats by 1941. During 1942-1945 all the floats used by the Navy and Army Air Corps were built by EDO. After the war, the company ventured into other areas, including: Sonar for underwater exploration and antisubmarine warfare; development of the hydro-ski; involvement in the Navy's Polaris and Trident programs; development of the navigational aide Loran; and participation in cold-war intelligence gathering equipment.