Edward A. Korn Photographic Material Flohn

Edward A. Korn, a native of Shelby County, Ohio, was an early aviator who, along with his brother Milton, built and flew Benoist Type XII #32. Edward and Milton completed work on their aircraft in May 1912 and made numerous exhibition flights over the course of the following year. On August 13, 1913, the aircraft, piloted by Edward with Milton as a passenger, crashed while flying near their grandfather's farm in Montra, Ohio. Milton died shortly thereafter from injuries he sustained. Edward was also badly injured, but recovered. Edward left aviation in 1916 and became a chiropractor. Paul Flohn was a patient of Dr. Korn's as a child. The two shared a love of flying and became lifelong friends. Korn acted as a mentor and an inspiration to Flohn, who became a naval aviator. During his time in the US Navy, Flohn made a total of 115 carrier landings, 29 of which were night landings, before retiring in 1956 as a Lieutenant (junior grade).