Edward Lee Tilton, III Collection

Edward Lee Tilton, III began his career with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1964 at Johnson Space Center. Tilton supervised the development and utilization of dynamic simulation facilities and the manned space flight guidance and instrument control components for the Apollo and Skylab programs, including lead technical responsibility for the Astronaut Maneuvering Unit. In the 1970s, Tilton moved to work on developing remote sensing techniques from aircraft and space systems at the Earth Resources Laboratory at Stennis Space Center, becoming Deputy Director in 1977. During the 1980s, Tilton relocated to NASA headquarters working first with the Defense Intelligence Agency and later he became the first Chairman of Program Planning for the newly formed Space Station Task Force. Tilton worked on many projects during his time at NASA headquarters including helping to form the Space Station Utilization Division; serving as Manager of Civil Needs for the National Space Transportation and Support Division; being appointed to the NASA Senior Executive Service; serving on a team to rewrite the President's National Space Policy; and directing the development of the Commercially Developed Space Facility (CDSF). In 1988, Tilton returned to Stennis Space Center as the Director of Science and Technology with responsibilities that included testing, information and sensor system development, commercialization of space, and chairing the steering committee for Higher Education at the Center. Tilton retired from NASA in 1990 and joined GE Government Services working to develop civil space strategies and new initiatives in the Space and Aeronautics Services Division. Tilton joined the MITRE Corporation in 1991 where he held a variety of positions dealing with civil space issues, research and development, and supporting various government contracts. Tilton now serves as the Director of Engineering for Brimtek, Inc.