Edwin C. Parsons Scrapbooks

Rear Admiral Edwin C. Parsons (1892-1968) had a varied aviation career, serving in two World Wars. Parsons graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1910 and after attending the University of Pennsylvania, he moved to California where he learned to fly at Dominguez Field. Parsons was commissioned with the Mexican Aviation Corps in 1914 where he trained Pancho Villa's pilots. In 1915, he worked his way to Europe where he joined the Lafayette Escadrille, and was credited with eight kills, making him an ace. From 1920 until 1923, Parsons was a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He then went to Hollywood where he became a script writer and technical advisor, working on such films as Wings, Dawn Patrol, and The Great Adventure. In 1934 he joined the Naval Reserve where he advanced to the rank of Rear Admiral. During World War II Parsons served on an aircraft carrier and took part in amphibious landings in the South Pacific. He retired from the service in 1954.