Flight Safety Foundation Collection Lederer

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The Flight Safety Foundation (FSF), founded in 1945, is dedicated to improving safety in aviation. The FSF advises airlines on accident investigation, airport safety, operational precautions, and safety in weather forecasting. Jerome F. Lederer (1902-?) was an aeronautical engineer with degrees from New York University (BS, 1924; MS, 1925). After working for the United States Air Mail Service (Aeronautical Engineer 1926-27; Director of Aeronautical Technology 1927-29), Aeronautical Insurance Underwriters (Chief Engineer 1929-40), and the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) (Director, Safety Bureau 1940-42; Airline War Training Institute 1942-44), he joined FSF as Technical Director 1948-67). Following his tenure at FSF, Lederer moved to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (Director of Manned Space Flight Safety 1967-70; Director of Safety 1970-72) and the Institute for Safety and Systems Management, University of Southern California (Adjunct Professor 1974- ).