Geostar Corporation Records

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Geostar Corporation began in 1983, intent on providing tracking services with Radio Determination Satellite Service (RDSS) technology. Similar to GPS, RDSS uses satellites to provide locating information. Initially a small entrepreneurial company, Geostar had large goals and high hopes for the future. From the beginning, however, Geostar faced many conflicts and problems which eventually proved to be fatal for this fledgling company. In 1985, the founder of Geostar, Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill, was diagnosed with leukemia. Following his recovery, a disagreement over proxies arose between O'Neill and his company, and a lawsuit ensued. Despite managerial and other internal conflicts, Geostar persisted. After two failed attempts to launch a satellite, Geostar faced severe financial concerns and eventually filed for bankruptcy in 1991. Geostar was a pioneer in using satellites to provide accurate tracking and locating services, and made significant contributions to the further development of this field.