Goodyear ZPG-3W Collection

The Goodyear ZPG-3W was an Airborne Early Warning (AEW) airship built for the U. S. Navy. At the time of its construction, the ZPG-3W was the largest non-rigid airship ever built and featured advanced electronics and the largest antenna ever airborne. The ZPG-3W made its first flight on July 21, 1958 and was delivered to NAS Lakehurst (NJ) in June 1959. The ZPG-3W set a new record for continuous time spent on patrol. In total, four ZPG-3Ws were built and delivered to NAS Lakehurst where they were operated by Airship Early Warning Squadron One (ZW-1). The final ZPG-3W, delivered to Lakehurst in April 1960, was the last airship accepted by the U. S. Navy.