Henry V. Borst Collection

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Henry Borst graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and went to work for Curtiss-Wright's propeller division. Borst became the chief aerodynamicist for the Curtiss-Wright propeller division before he left to work for a few years at Boeing. Borst left Boeing in 1970, and from that year until 2002, he was head of Henry Borst and Associates in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Among his many significant propulsion consulting jobs was his engineering design work on the fan blades for the Ames 40 x 80 wind tunnel. Besides his consulting work, Borst wrote two books. Borst's book, Fluid-Dynamic Lift: Information on Lift and its Derivatives in Air and in Water, presented by Dr.-Ing. S. F. Hoerner, and co-authored by the donor, is considered a classic in the field. In his book, The Aerodynamics of the Unconventional Air Vehicles of A. Lippisch, Borst discusses Lippisch's contributes to basic aerodynamic theory, and to delta and tailless theories.