Jules and Frank VanDersarl Collection

Jules and Frank VanDersarl were teenagers from Denver, Colorado, when they began in 1909 to construct a Blériot aircraft. The brothers constructed the aircraft from scratch, including the engine, leading to successful flights with no prior flight instruction in June 1911. Frank VanDersarl went on to work as General Manager and Chief Pilot for Mountain Flyers, giving aviation demonstrations and flights. Frank founded Rocky Mountain Airlines in 1921, ran the Denver Post Airshow for seven years, and was the owner of VanDersarl Aeroplane Motor Products (VAMP) Aircraft Company. Frank also owned the first aviation school in Denver (1930- 1932), was the chief of Curtiss-Wright Denver, and owned and operated the Denver Union Airport until the depression ended his venture. During World War II, Frank worked at the Denver Opportunity School training workers and mechanics for the aviation industry. Jules VanDersarl built and flew gliders and airplanes before World War I and worked on Curtiss JN-4 Jennys and Canucks. He also worked on early aviation engines and rebuilt aircraft, especially working with the engines to improve their performance. Both VanDersarl brothers were inducted into the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame. The VanDersarl Blériot was successfully restored and flown by Javier Arrango in 2012 and is now on display at the Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum.