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Lynn Blankman, pioneer aviation engineer and flyer, was born in 1891. He started his aviation career with Glenn Curtiss, president of the Curtiss Aeroplane Corporation. Blankman was involved with aeroplane and motor construction and performed flying operations on land and water craft, including the construction of early flying boats. From 1914-1917, Blankman served with the War Office of the British Government, and was, among other roles, Chief Inspector. After WWI he served as the Assistant to the President, and manager of Curtiss Engineering Corp. In 1919, he was part of the Wright-Martin Corporation in charge of engineering controls. He headed an expedition to Asia for the shipment of H-16 Flying Boats and Hydro Aeroplanes. In Asia he studied flying routes and established the first air base in Asia near Macao, China. In 1930, Blankman initiated the first consolidation of Aviation/Accessory Companies into one corporation, the Bendix Aviation Corp. In 1933, he negotiated contracts with Rumanian Government for reorganization of military, civil, and airmail contracts with the view to establish manufacturing plants, airlines, and military flying schools. He later turned this over to American interests. Blankman later held various positions at Douglas Aircraft. Over his career, Blankman worked with a total of 18 different aviation motors, as well as marine engines and locomotives.




Blankman, Lynn V.




Oren Lee Martin, Gift, 1989, 1989-0088, NASM


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This collection consists of photographs and newspaper clippings chronicling Blankman's exploits in the aviation field. Included are photographs of Roy Francis, as well as other early pioneer aviators; photographs of aircraft including Sikorsky, Curtiss, Martin, Savoia-Marchetti; photographs of a 1930s trip to Alaska in a Sikorsky S-38; and photographs of family and friends. Also included is correspondence from clubs and companies (1916-1929), and a few miscellaneous items such as a 1920 passport.






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