Mémorial de l'Escadrille Lafayette (Lafayette Escadrille Memorial) Information

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Mémorial de l'Escadrille Lafayette, in the Parc de Villeneuve-l'Etang near Paris, France, was dedicated on July 4, 1928. The memorial was designed by Alexandre Marcel, then the Chief Architect of the Government and Curator of the Historic Monuments of France. The decorative sculpture throughout the memorial was created by Marcel Renard and Ernest Dubois. Mémorial de l'Escadrille Lafayette features an Arch of Triumph that is inscribed with the names of all members of the Lafayette Escadrille as well as the names of battlefields on which they fought. The Arch and its flanking colonnades also include various insignia of French and American squadrons as well as eagles, sculpted French and American flags, and medallions with portraits of the Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington. The Mémorial de l'Escadrille Lafayette also features a crypt where the remains of 67 Lafayette Escadrille members are interred.