Mercury and Gemini Program Manuals Pruett

Captain Carl E. Pruett, MC USN, (d.1991) specialized in aviation medical safety, serving 30 years as assistant for medical and allied sciences to the deputy chief of naval operations. Pruett received a medical degree from the University of Illinois in 1943. He graduated from the Naval School of Aviation Medicine and served in Washington, DC, from 1953 to 1955 as aviation medical safety specialist in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Air. Pruett assignments also included sea duty as a flight surgeon in the Pacific and as Chief of the Biomedical Division of the Air Force Aero Medical Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio. In 1958 Pruett was assigned to Point Mugu, California, where he helped establish the Pacific Missile Bioscience Office and Life Science Department of the Naval Missile Center (now the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division). He became a medical monitor for Project Mercury in 1962, and in that capacity served as medical monitor for the earth-orbiting flight of John Glenn. He was later transferred to Washington, DC, where he served in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations until his retirement.