Phillips Ward Page Scrapbook

Phillips Ward Page (1885-1917) was an active early pilot who assisted in the tests and development of some of the early Burgess aircraft, and taught many renowned civilian and military aviators to fly. As the Aviation Editor of the Boston Herald, Page was a passenger on several flight around Boston and the vicinity in the Spring of 1911. Page joined the Wright Flying School at Dayton, Ohio in July of 1911, and obtained his pilot license on 25 October 1911. In November of that year he started carrying passengers and flying exhibitions on week ends, flying around the New York vicinity. He became a full time instructor for the Burgess Company of Marblehead, Massachusetts on Burgess-Wright planes, and for the winter aviation school at Daytona FL. Besides his teaching obligations, Page was a contestant in air meets, made test flights of new military tractors, and took the first motion pictures of Boston from the air. In 1914, Page joined the U.S. Aviation Reserves, and enlisted as a Naval Aviator in April of 1917. He was an instructor at Squantum, Massachusetts Naval Base, before being assigned to duty in France. He drowned in the English Channel in a seaplane accident on 17 December 1917.