Ramon D. Fobes Collection

Ramon D. Fobes enrolled in the Vermont National Guard while attending college in Burlington, and was commissioned in June 1925. Fobes retained his inactive military status, so when he was called up for World War II he entered active duty with the US Army as a first lieutenant. By 1944, he had been promoted to rank of Captain, and was assigned to Antiaircraft Artillery; he spent the whole of the war in the continental United States. After the war he made at least two trips to Japan (in 1946 and 1947), passing through Hickham Field, Hawaii, en route. From March 2 through May 23, 1951, Fobes (now a Major) was assigned to temporary duty with the 63rd Antiaircraft Artillery Missile Battalion, and was at Fort Clayton (Panama Canal Zone) and Camp Tortuguero (Puerto Rico). In late 1953 to 1954, Fobes was stationed with the 739th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion, 10th AAA Group, near Seoul, Republic of Korea.