Roland Chilton Collection

Roland Chilton (1890- ) was a prolific designer of over 150 aviation engine and accessory mechanisms. Born in Wolverhampton, England, Chilton immigrated to the United States in 1918, becoming a naturalized citizen in 1941. Chilton started his career working at Sunbeam Motor Car Co., LTD, in Wolverhampton, England, before moving to London where he was in charge of the engine section of B. Napier & Son. In 1914, Chilton became the Chief Engineer for Fergus Motors and entered the United States to work in Fergus' American offices. Chilton then joined Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co. as the Chief Engineer for Aero Engines, Starters and Buses in 1920. Ten years later, he was hired as a Consulting Engineer for Wright Aeronautical Corporation. He retired from Wright Aeronautical Corporation in 1949, and by that time held over 150 United States patents, ranging from articulated propellers to the Chilton Damper.