Rutan Model 33 Vari-Eze Collection

The Vari-Eze was designed by Burt Rutan/Rutan Aircraft Factory (RAF) in 1974. Two prototypes of the Vari-Eze, Model 31, led to production of the Vari-Eze Model 33, which was offered in kit form to amateur/home aircraft builders. Rutan built the Vari-Eze to prove that the canard configuration could be more efficient than conventional designs. The Vari-Eze was awarded the 'outstanding new design,' and also set a world's distance record. The aircraft seats two adults, suitcases and fuel for up to a 800 mile range. The design allows it to be parked in a small space as both the wings and canard are removable and the nose landing gear retracts into the fuselage for easy storage.