Serge Gluhareff Papers

Serge Eugene Gluhareff (1903-1958) was an engineer who worked on several major Sikorsky aircraft models. Gluhareff was born in Russia in 1903 and went to school in Finland from 1919 to 1924, obtaining an engineering degree from the School of St. Alexis. While in Finland, Serge and his brother Michael (also an engineer) built and flew their own gliders. Serge and Michael came to the United States in 1924 and went to work for the Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corp. in Westbury, Long Island, New York as engineering draftsmen. Serge rose through the ranks becoming engineering supervisor at the Sikorsky plant in College Point, Long Island (1926-1929), then executive engineer (1934-1943) and later assistant engineering manager for research and development at the Stratford, Connecticut facility, a position he held from 1943 until he was forced to retire for health reasons in 1954. Serge had a long and close association with Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky and was the project engineer for important Sikorsky models such as the Sikorsky S-39 Sport Amphibion; Sikorsky S-40 Clipper; Sikorsky S-42 Clipper; Sikorsky VS-44; Sikorsky S-34; and the Sikorsky S-36. Serge also assisted in the development of Sikorsky's early helicopter models, including the Sikorsky VS-300. Serge obtained his pilot's license in 1928 and acted as test pilot for some early flights of the VS-300. Serge was also a member of many professional organizations including the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences; American Helicopter Society; Society of Automotive Engineers; and the Connecticut Association of Professional Engineers.