Short Brothers Aircraft Photo Album

In November 1908, Hugh Oswald, Albert Eustace, and Horace Leonard Short established Short Brothers Ltd to build Wright aircraft under license in England (UK). In 1919 the name was revised to Short Brothers (Rochester & Bedford) Ltd. In 1936 Short Brothers convinced the British Air Ministry to establish a new factory in Belfast and established Short & Harland Ltd, jointly owned by Short Brothers and Harland & Wolff, to manage the plant. In November 1947 Short Brothers and Short & Harland merged to form Short Brothers & Harland Ltd of Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK). In June 1977 the company readopted the name Short Brothers Ltd. By the 1980s, 100 percent of the company stock was held by the British Government and, in 1984, the company was renamed Short Brothers PLC. In October 1989 the company was purchased by Bombardier Inc of Canada to become the European Group of Bombardier Aerospace, although the company still operates under the Short Brothers name.