Ted and Cecil "Teddy" Kenyon Collection

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Cecil (Teddy) Kenyon (1905-1985) was taught to fly by her husband, Ted Kenyon, a pilot for Colonial Airlines, in 1929. Teddy received her pilot license after 10 hours of instruction. After receiving her license, Teddy became a charter member of the "99s" and in 1933 she won the National Sportswomen Flying Championship at Roosevelt Field, New York. During the late 1930s Teddy flew for the Civil Air Patrol, and became a test pilot for Grumman during World War II. In her position at Grumman she had opportunity to fly the following types of Grumman aircraft as they came off the production line: F4F Wildcats; F6F Hellcats; and TBF Avengers. Teddy received her helicopter license in 1960 and remained an active pilot well into her seventies.