United States Navy Reserve VP-661 Homecoming Scrapbook

Due to the escalation of international tension brought on by the erection of the Berlin Wall in 1961, several naval reserve squadrons were involuntarily recalled (Public Law 87-117) to meet the threat of further Soviet aggression. Patrol Squadron (VP) 661 of the United States Navy Reserve (USNR) was one of these squadrons called to serve on active duty in support of the Berlin Crisis. The squadron was placed under the operational control of Commander Fleet Air Wing FIVE, of the United States Atlantic Fleet. During nine months of duty, the squadron's distinctive orange markings on their Lockheed P2V-5F Neptunes could be seen as far north as Nova Scotia and as far south as the Panama Canal Zone. On June 29, 1962 the squadron returned to the Naval Air Reserve Training Unit (NARTU) Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. This was the VP 61's second call to active duty; the earlier time had been during the Korean Conflict in 1952.