US Army Around the World Flight (1924) Photographs Maloney

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In July 1923, the US Army Air Service disclosed that it intended to attempt a global flight the following year. Four specially-built aircraft were commissioned from the Douglas Aircraft Company. The World Cruisers, as they were called, were christened the Seattle, the Chicago, the Boston, and the New Orleans. The four aircraft departed from Seattle, Washington, in April 1924 to begin their flight. Only the New Orleans and the Chicago completed the arduous 44,085 km (27,553 mi) flight. It took 175 days, with a flying time of 371 hours and 11 minutes. Vance James Maloney, Sr. was serving as a Director of the South Fukien Mission of Seventh Day Adventists in Kulangsu (Gulangyu) Island, Amoy, China in 1924. Maloney photographed the Douglas World Cruisers (DWC) Chicago, Boston, and New Orleans during a refueling stop in the harbor at Amoy on June 7, 1924.