William C. Hampton Collection

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William C. Hampton served in the U.S. Army, first as a captain and later as a major. From February 1960 until July 1962, Captain Hampton was assigned to the Army Section (Aviation Section), Military Assistance Advisory Group, in Taiwan, Republic of China. During this time, he flew missions responding to aircraft accidents and disaster relief missions including evacuation operations and brought food and medical supplies to typhoon survivors in a Piasecki H-21 Shawnee helicopter. Captain Hampton received the Army Aviation Badge from the Army, Republic of China, the United States Army Commendation Medal, and a Certificate of Achievement from the Military Assistance Advisory Group due to his meritorious service in Taiwan. In the mid 1960s, Hampton (by then a major) was assigned to Operation Deep Freeze at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Operation Deep Freeze was a U.S. Navy logistic support operation of American scientific research in Antarctica. The Navy was supported by the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Coast Guard in what was called at the time "the greatest peacetime military logistic program in our history." Operation Deep Freeze began in 1955 when President Eisenhower mandated support for the United States' participation in International Geophysical Year activities in Antarctica, beginning on July 1, 1957. International Geophysical Year activities were concluded at the end of 1958, and Operation Deep Freeze began to support the United States Antarctic Research Program. McMurdo Station was officially dedicated on February 16, 1956 and was the site for research relating to glaciology, gravity, meteorology, oceanography, special studies, and biology. McMurdo Station also housed the continent's first nuclear power plant, built in fiscal year 1962. By April 1967, Hampton was stationed with the 1st Transportation Corps (TC) Battalion in San Francisco which was operating a Floating Aircraft Maintenance Facility.