Winfield B. "Bert" Kinner Collection

Winfield B. 'Bert' Kinner (1882-1957) enlisted in the Air Corps during World War I, but the war ended before he was trained to fly. So in 1919, Kinner moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he rented a barn, built his first airplane and taught himself to fly. Until his retirement in 1941, Kinner remained active in the aviation business. Kinner organized the following aircraft and engine companies: Kinner Airplane & Motor Corp; Security Aircraft Corp; American Aircraft Corp; and Security National Aircraft Corp. Aircraft produced by these corporations included: Kinner K-1 'Airster' -- which was the first aircraft Amelia Earhart purchased; Kinner B-2 'Sportwing'; and the Kinner B-1 and Kinner K 'Sportsters.' Kinner is perhaps most famous for producing the popular 'Kinner K5' engine and for designing the first folding wing aircraft -- the Security Airster S1-A and S1-B.