Cylindrical with pointed warhead; overall, assembled in three sections: warhead ton top or front, with ogival nose; motor section in middle, straight cylinder, with 0.5 in. o.d. connecting band at end; and last section, cone-shaped exhaust nozzle attached to motor section, and tapering down from 0.5 in. o.d. to 0.75 o.d. at end; overall, shiny metal throughout; note that warhead section can be screwed off, with 0.5. p.d. threaded section, revealing hollow motor and nozzle section, but warhead section closed off at base by small dia. brown steel disc, possible a rusted insert Learn more about Rocket, Solid Fuel, Smokeless Powder, R.H. Goddard Created by Eric Long Date Created 06/24/2014 Source Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, National Air and Space Museum Original Photography, NASM Acc. 2012-0026 Keywords Engineers; Exploration; Inventors; Rockets; Space Rights and Restrictions CC0
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