Applications Technology Satellite 6 (ATS 6), Earth Viewing Module

    ATS-6 Earth Viewing Module in Restoration Shop

    ATS-6 in the Museum's Garber Preservation, Restoration and Storage Facility in Suitland, MD.
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The Earth Viewing Module of Applications Satellite Technology 6 (ATS-6) housed three separate sections of equipment in support of spacecraft operations. The module's "bottom" contained experiments and antennas which required a continuous view of the Earth for communications. Three-axis stabilization ensured that the module always pointed in this direction. The middle section of the spacecraft contained house-keeping systems--attitude control, propulsion, telemetry, and power. The upper portion consisted of communications equipment, principally transponders and antenna feeds designed to work in concert with the thirty-foot antenna located above.

This artifact is a back-up spacecraft structure, partially outfitted with equipment and instrumentation. NASA transferred it to the Museum in 1978.