Bag, Film Handling, IMAX

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To change rolls of IMAX film in space, astronauts used a bag like this one to avoid exposing film to light. The large rolls of film were stored in metal canisters and had to be transferred into the magazine for use with the camera. Astronauts would insert those into the large zippered opening, close the zipper, and put their arms into the sleeve-like openings to change out the film without being able to see what they were doing. Instructions for the astronaut were conveniently printed and stitched onto the top of the bag. This bag was used for training on the ground prior to flight.

NASA collaborated with IMAX and the Smithsonian to produce five films that required the astronauts to operate a 2-D camera in space (an additional two films were produced using a 3-D camera). NASA transferred this bag to the Smithsonian in 2012.