Bell P-39Q-15-BE Airacobra "Galloping Gertie"

    Galloping Gertie

    The Bell P-39Q-15-BE Airacobra "Galloping Gertie" featured a dazzling red-and-white racing scheme.
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When the U. S. Army Air Corps issued specification No. X-609 in March 1937, Robert J. Woods, chief engineer at the Bell Aircraft Corporation, was ready. Two months later, Woods proposed the Bell Model 4 to meet this specification for a highly-maneuverable fighter airplane with good visibility, heavy firepower, exceptional takeoff and landing qualities, and better ground-handling than existing types. The AAC was impressed enough to award Bell a contract for a single prototype, designated XP-39, on October 7, 1937, and the P-39 was born.

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