Biosensors, Sternal Harness, Apollo 11

    Apollo Biomedical Harness

    This harness, carried on the flight of Apollo 11 in July 1969, contains a set of sensors that monitor an astronaut's heart and respiratory rate.
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These electrical sensors are part of the biosensor assembly, which was flown aboard Apollo 11 in July 1969. It is not marked as to which astronaut it was assigned.

The sensors for this biobelt assembly consisted of an electrocardiograph signal conditioner, an impedance pneumograph signal conditioner and a DC-DC converter. They fitted into the biobelt which was constructed of a cotton duck base with Teflon-coated Beta-cloth pockets. The biobelt was fitted with snap fasteners which attached to either the constant wear or liquid cooling garment, and was worn close to the skin underneath the inflight coverall garment or spacesuit.

NASA transferred this sensor unit to the Museum in 1970.