Books, Boxed Set, "North to the Orient" and "Listen! The Wind"

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    Books, Boxed Set, "North to the Orient" and "Listen! The Wind"

    Written by: Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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"North to the Orient" (1935) and "Listen! The Wind" (1938) are two bestselling books by Anne Morrow Lindbergh based on her diaries kept during two journeys with her husband Charles in their Lockheed Sirius aircraft. "North to the Orient" describes their 1931 flight to the Orient via the Great Circle route to the North. "Listen! The Wind" describes the end of their 1933 survey flights across the North and South Atlantic. Both books provide intriguing views of the Lindberghs themselves and remarkable literary glimpses of aviation during the golden age. Author Sinclair Lewis called North to the Orient, "one of the most beautiful and great-hearted books ever written." It is still in print. Anne served as co-pilot and operated all of the radio equipment during the Lindberghs' two trans-global flights.