Card, Commemorative, Movie, "Lost in Space"

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This collector's card features a scene from the 1998 film "Lost in Space," inspired by Irwin Allen's popular science fiction TV show presented on CBS from 1965 to 1968.

"Lost in Space" was a space-age adaptation of the 1812 novel "Swiss Family Robinson" (Der Schweizerische Robinson) by Swiss pastor Johann David Wyss. Wyss wrote the book to teach self-reliance, family values, and other virtues to his sons. "Lost in Space" transposed these themes into a space setting in which a modern Robinson family faced and survived a variety of ordeals while stranded in deep space by their own self-reliance and family cooperation. Although the "Lost in Space" television series from the 1960s was cancelled after three seasons, like "Star Trek," it developed a loyal following of fans interested in merchandise and fan clubs. In 1998, New Line Cinema released an updated movie based on the same stories, also called "Lost in Space." To promote that movie, InkWorks released a new set of collector's cards featuring images from the late 1960s television program as well as previews of the 1998 movie.

This card was donated to the Smithsonian in 2005 by Gregory K. H. Bryant.