Card, Trading, STS-84 Mission

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This set of collectible STS-84 commemorative cards created by United Space Alliance marked the flight of the Space Shuttle orbiter Atlantis on the sixth Shuttle-Mir mission in May 1997. During the mission, NASA astronaut Michael Foale replaced NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger as the US crew member aboard the Mir space station. Linenger had been aboard Mir since January 15, 1997. This mission also included the first joint American-Russian spacewalk.

The card set was collected by Nancy Yasecko, a filmmaker who grew up in Florida near Cape Canaveral, and whose film "Growing Up with Rockets," released in 1985, is a personal memoir of growing up in the shadow of the United States' civil human spaceflight program. The card set is part of a collection of artifacts that Yasecko donated to the Museum in 2012 along with a copy of the film, which is held by the Museum's film archives.