CFM International CFM56-2 Turbofan Engine

CFM International, an international company formed by General Electric of the U.S. and SNECMA of France, produces the CFM56-2 high bypass ratio turbofan engine. Motivated by concern over the required large investment, a need to reduce technical and business risks, and growing internationalization of the market, this was one of the first major international partnerships for production of large jet engines.

The CFM56 was initially intended to replace older turbojet engines of the 89-kilonewton (20,000-pound) thrust class, and to provide quiet, efficient, and environmentally acceptable power for transport aircraft. Engines of this family are used on both civil and military aircraft. Civil types include Boeing 737s and Airbus Industrie A320s and A340s. CFM56s were also used as replacement engines on older civil aircraft, such as the McDonnell Douglas DC-8-70, and on such military aircraft as the Boeing KC-135R.

The engine on exhibit was used for flight qualification testing on a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-70 in 1981.