Douglas A-1H (AD-6) Skyraider

During the Korean War, Skyraiders served in Navy and Marine squadrons. The ability of the Skyraider to take off with extremely heavy ordnance loads, coupled with its deadly accuracy in dive bomb delivery and its rugged construction, including armor plate on the AD-4s made it a much admired and effective weapons system. Accolades from combat crews such as "the best and most effective close-support aircraft in the world" and the "the most versatile, single-engine aircraft ever to go into service" were common.

In 1962 the Air Force acquired 150 A-1Es (AD-5) and A-1Js (AD-7) for their own use. These aircraft proved invaluable as fire suppression escorts for the famed "Jolly Green Giant" H-53 helicopters that affected numerous heroic rescues of downed aircrews. In addition to its fire suppression role, the A-1s were often called on to aid in the defense of threatened outposts. Because of its ability to go in "low and slow", a dangerous maneuver requiring cast iron courage from the aircrews, the A-1 was unequalled at the tasks to which it was assigned.