Environmental Measurements, Lifting Bracket, Model, Satellite, Applications Tech

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Applications Technology Satellite 6 (ATS 6), active from 1974-1979, was the last in the ATS series of experimental satellites sponsored by NASA to test new technologies in space communications. ATS-6 operated from geosynchronous orbit and contained nineteen communications and technology experiments. The Museum's artifact is a full-scale Thermal Structural Model used as an engineering tool during development of the actual satellite to analyze and design for the effects of launch vibration and the extreme temperatures of space.

The bridge truss and Environmental Measurements Experiment (EME) package are components parts of ATS-6. The truss supports the spacecraft's parabolic solar panels. The truss also serves as the base for the EME, a package of eight instruments designed to collect data on the space environment at geostationary altitude (35,786 kilometers; 22,236 miles).

The Museum's artifact was transferred from NASA in 1978.