EVA Glove Pouch, Gemini XII

This extravehicular activity (EVA) glove pouch held the gloves worn by Buzz Aldrin during the Gemini XII mission of November 11-15, 1966. This flight involved a basic investigation of EVA fundamentals through repetitive performance of basic, easily-monitored, and scheduled and fully calibrated tasks. Without question, "spacewalks" during the mission proved critical in advancing to the Apollo program and the eventual Moon landings at the end of the 1960s. Indeed, the flight was extended to give the crew time for EVAs during all conditions. Aldrin donned these from this pouch in the process of preparing for his spacewalk, and eventually undertook a total EVA of 5 hours and 30 minutes, setting a record for a single spacewalk and two stand-up exercises in the hatch of the Gemini capsule.

NASA transferred this pouch to the Smithsonian with the spacecraft in 1968.