Fabric, Aircraft, Spad XIII "Smith III"

Arthur Raymond Brooks was a WWI American ace with 6 confirmed victories, and four unconfirmed. He named his airplanes after Smith College, the school his girlfriend attended to honor her without using her name. The third airplane he flew was a Spad XIII, serial number 15229, which Brooks named "Smith III". On September 14, 1918, Brooks alone engaged 8 enemy aircraft in "Smith III". Despite a damaged rudder and his Spad riddled with bullets, Brooks shot down two aircraft. For this act of heroism, Brooks was awarded the Distinguish Service Cross. This piece of fabric, bearing the name "Smith III", is from the Spad XIII Brooks flew in this battle. "Smith III" was too damaged to return to service after the battle. Brooks' fourth and final aircraft, Spad XIII "Smith IV", is on display in the museum.