Fairchild Caminez 447-C, Radial 4 Engine, Motorized Cutaway

In 1925 the Fairchild-Caminez Engine Corporation was formed and undertook development of a novel engine designed by Harold Caminez. A cam drive mechanism converted reciprocating motion of the pistons to rotary motion by means of rollers in the pistons operating a double-lobed cam on the main shaft. It was the first U.S. engine to be certificated without a crankshaft.

The Caminez received its type certificate in June 1928; however, by the fall of 1928, it was decided to completely abandon further development or manufacture of this engine. Although more simply constructed than a conventional radial engine, and permitting use of low-speed propellers because of its low rotational speed, the engine failed its Navy trials due excessive vibration. This was apparently caused by an inherent imbalance resulting from inaccurate machining of some parts.

One aircraft powered by the Caminez engine was the Travel Air Model 8000.