Flight Data Retention Strap, Short, Apollo 11

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This object is not on display at the National Air and Space Museum. It is either on loan or in storage.

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The Apollo command module was provided with a set of devices designed to permit the crew to position and retain the flight data charts, maps, and manuals for viewing during all segments of the mission. The system includes long and short data-retention snap assemblies (bungees), long and short data-retention hook assemblies (bungees), Calfax adapter plates, data card clips, food door clips, data book spring clips, temporary stowage pouches, and a debris closeout with pockets.

The spring portion of the short data retention strap assembly can expand to 14 inches in length. When attached to snaps on spacecraft panels, manuals or charts can be placed between the spring and the panels and help in place. This is one of six short data retention strap assemblies flown on the Apollo 11 lunar mission in July 1969.

It was transferred to the Smithsonian in 1971.